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We are in business since 1996 and customers love us because we have 20 years of experience.We find the needs of our customers in every occasion.

Royal Grape has much more products that will meet your needs. Wine is a suitable gift for many occasions: weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, birth announcements, dinner parties, promotions and more. Whether you plan to enjoy by yourself, have a party of any kind, have a gift to your friends, hold a ceremony for your wedding or birthday, you can entertain from our great products. Customized lables and gift box can be applied to these products based on your requirements.It only takes 30 days to fun making the wine.

Royal Grape is a place that is making wines and beers for individual to make their own recipe. Clean environment and nice service can satisfy you and make you never forget.

We hope to meet all you wine lovers and share our passion.

One of the best wine making places in Canada

Royal Grape is a wine making place with different kinds of grape juice, including gold medal winner juice, crushed virgin grape packs from reputable suppliers. Besides this, we also have a new product, The Big and Easy Bottle Brew, which is suitable for beer lovers who can make their favorite refresh beer at home. All of these great products will make you satisfied and happy.

>>> 100% Guaranteed ! <<<

Pure Grape Juices & Wine

  • Enjoy Great wine for a fraction of the price
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Clean & comfortable environment
  • Great Food, Nice Friends & Your Wine

Fresh Tasty Beer

  • Enjoy making fresh tasty beer at home
  • Package supplied for making your own beer
  • A revolutionary easy way to make your own beer at home
  • Our new products you can choose for your own taste

Wedding & Parties

  • A cost saving way to celebrate your wedding & special day
  • Personalized miniature wine is a great memento for your guests to take home
  • Over 1000 customized labels to choose from
  • More than 20 types of fancy bottles available
  • Printing your colourful wedding photo on wine labels

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